Connect Your Personal Profile with Your Microsoft Teams for Business Account

Microsoft Teams for Business accounts can be connected with personal UKG Pro Learning profiles. This integration allows managers to use their own personal Microsoft Teams account to create and initiate Live Sessions in the Academy.

Navigation: UKG Pro Learning > Me > My Settings IntegrationsMicrosoft Teams for BusinessConnect

Once the Microsoft Teams account is connected to your Personal profile, you'll be able to see a relevant "Connected" indication in UKG Pro Learning.

Remember to select your account tier. This determines the maximum amount of learners that will be able to attend your event and should match the Microsoft Teams for Business plan selected previously.


Microsoft provides the following options for subscriptions:

  • Free Plan (up to 100 users)
  • Essentials Plan (up to 300 users)
  • Basic Plan (up to 300 users)
  • Standard Plan (up to 300 users)
  • Premium Plan (up to 300 users)
  • Enterprise Plan (unlimited # of users)
  • Mixed Plans (allows you to define the # of users)

By default, a maximum of 500 users are allowed to participate in a Live session initiated with Microsoft Teams. This is a limit imposed by Microsoft. If you need more users than this, please contact support.

Last but not least, you can enable/disable the Allow users outside of your Microsoft Azure Organization to connect to Teams Meetings setting. This setting allows you to restrict the Teams Meetings Participation only to your Organization Users who have an e-mail address in your Azure domain. This way you can exclude External Users from your online meetings. This setting should be defined before initiating your event, as it does not work retroactively.



Your Microsoft Teams account is now successfully connected to your Personal profile. You are now ready to start creating your events and initiate them using the connected Microsoft Teams account.


  • Attendees who stay in the meeting under 60 seconds will not be counted as attendees.
  • Hosts must actively end Microsoft Teams meetings by selecting End Meeting to properly communicate attendance information. Failure to do this may result in inaccurate attendance reporting.

  • Communication occurs between Microsoft and the Learning solution every 5 minutes; attendance data may take up to 5 minutes to sync.
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