Course Duration Report

The purpose of this report is to give you the Users' time spent information for steps they have completed as well attendance duration details regardless of the completion status.

Whenever you see a "Duration" value on this report, you should consider the attendance records for the specific date period you've used in the Report criteria. On the other hand, the "Time Spent" value is connected to the current version of the steps regardless of the date period. 

Note: If a user has no time spent in a specific date range then the report will show him with 00:00:00 duration.

This report includes various information about each user and course. Some useful fields are: 

  • Lectures Duration: Sum of ANY lecture's attendance duration within the selected date period
    -The current attendance for this lecture might be different but this column allows you to see what this value was on the determined period

  • Exams Duration: Sum of ANY time spent on exam steps within the selected date period
    - The current exam time spent might be different but this column allows you to see what this value was on the determined period

  • Total Duration: Lectures Duration + Exams Duration

  • Current Time Spent: Current Course time spent - This value is only for the current attempt on the current version of the step.
    For example, let's have a 1-step course, and let’s say that the lecture in it was updated at some point. The time spent should refer to the time that someone has dedicated to the current version of the lecture and how much time took the user to be credited with the associated % progress. These values might drop back to zero when the lecture is updated as this reflects the actual engagement of the user on the current lecture. Duration-related values allow you to see how much time the users devoted to learning items without taking into account whether they've completed them or not.

  • Total Time Spent: Sum of Current and Past time sent.
    - This value consists of the user's duration on the current attempt and the time spent on steps in past completions.

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